A Very Ghosty Halloween CDA Paintball

Our fave time of the year!!!
Treats, prizes, and at least one zombie game!!
Terror in The Tiny Town
The kids are all set for their annual trick or treat affair. They must go to EACH door in the town and call out “Trick or Treat!” But is there a trick or a treat in each house? Most likely they’ll meet a zombie (or more than one!!) as they complete their round. The Kids get two “tap n go” respawns while the zombies get three… well be careful cos if they trap you in your spawn you’re OUT! Head to reload and have a treat!
A Walk in The Woods to Grammas
The surviving kids, for some strange reason, decide to visit gramma waaaaay down in Container town. However, there are ravenous wolves roaming the woods on both sides of the road. One of the kids has his MFR card so he’s the magical medic in the group. The kids can be touch-healed three times then they become a wolf. The wolves have three spawns, 30-sec in place.
The Kids CANNOT RUN and the wolves CANNOT CROSS the road. The Medic cannot be killed, but cannot win the game.
There will be TWO $50 cash/EMT prizes. Best costume and a random draw. YOU MUST SIGN UP TO BE ELIGIBLE.
Field fee is $20
Rentals are available

The event is finished.

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